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Dealing With Male Impotence

WARNING: The information presented in this document is not
intended to serve as a clinical diagnosis or treatment of male
impotence. The information contained in this paper should be
considered only as anecdotal and informational in nature. The
author does not endorse any specific brands of described items.

"I was first diagnosed as being diabetic in 1987. One of the
problems men with diabetes must face, besides the life-long need
to control their diabetic condition, is male impotence. This was
not a problem until I began regular injections of insulin
in 1992.

I discussed the problem of impotence with my endocrinologist.
First, he recommended a serum testosterone test. The results
showed I was thirty-five percent deficient for a 43 year old
male. I began Depo-testosterone (testosterone cypionate)
injections. The results, in my case, were remarkable!

As a result of the testosterone injections, I was able to
maintain a full erection for as long as forty-five minutes!
Also, I gained the endurance to exercise on a treadmill, at three
miles per hour, thirty minutes per day! For the first time in my
life I had the stamina and endurance to exercise on a daily
basis! My glyco-hemoglobin test results improved (from 11.7 in
1992 to 6.00 in 1994). And I required less insulin.

Since secondary male impotence (the kind I have) is often
controllable, I researched other things that would maintain and
enhance male sexual performance. Here is what I found:

ADDENDUM: A recent Discovery Network television show "Assault on
the Male" indicated that phenol based products tends to feminize
(de-masculinize) males. The need for avoidance of refined and
processed foods (yes, even the lining of canned foods) becomes
important in that phenol based products invade every facet of our
male lives (cologne, foods, cosmetic products, etc.). Phenol-
based products mimic estrogen (the female hormone) and readily
bond to estrogen receptors in the nucleus of both male and female
tissue cells. The end result is that males may possess male
appendages (a penis) but may, due to estrogenic activity of
phenol based products and others, exhibit female characteristics
and tenancies. I shall let the reader further explore and
interpret the obvious repercussions of this information.

Prescription Drugs

-Testosterone Cypionate. This is a class three (C3) regulated
drug (Anabolic Steroids Control Act). You need a prescription.
Also, you need a three cubic centimeter (3CC) syringe and a one
and one-half inch long needle (needless to say, another
prescription). There is no such thing as a normal dose of
testosterone. I started at 100 milligrams (.5 CC) and progressed
Prescription Drugs (continued)

to 500 milligrams (2.5 CCs) twice per month before my serum
testosterone "normalized" for my "male" age of 43 years.

Administration: This is a deep gluteal (hip) upper/outer
quadrant injection. Once you get over the initial shock of that
1.5 inch long cannula (needle) poised over your hip and give
yourself that first injection, it gets easier. I self-inject
twice a month. If you do take this drug, make sure you read and
understand the pharmacological description that comes with it.
There is a "patch" on the market but it requires daily
application to your "dry shaved" scrotum (forget-it!).

Benefits: If it works for you like it works for me (evidently,
men respond differently to the treatment): An achievable and
maintainable full erection and increased physical endurance and

Side effects: In my case, acne and profuse night sweats. There
are other side effects, too. According to the literature these
injections cause the same symptoms as going through puberty.
They minimize as the body becomes acclimated to the dosage.

-Prozac (antidepressant). This is a controversial prescription
drug. Some antidepressants delay sexual orgasm (in both males
and females) and they are sometimes used to control premature
ejaculation. Read all the literature on Prozac before you decide
to take it. The reason I am taking Prozac is due to a clinical
diagnosis of mild depression (diabetics tend toward a depressive
state). I personally find Prozac to be beneficial in not only
controlling depression but in maintaining mental alertness.
Also, it helps control ejaculation for as long as forty-five
minutes, even during direct physical stimulation.

Administration: Orally, once per day.

Benefits: Already described.

Side effects: Read the literature on Prozac. I personally have
not experienced any negative side effects.

Non Prescription Drugs

-Exercise! Just Do It! Do at least twenty minutes per day of
vigorous exercise or one hour of non-vigorous exercise.
Remember: Sexual performance is diminished if you are

-Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol. These are probably the
two primary causes of temporary male impotence. Enough said!

-Pumpkin Seed Oil. This is a standard treatment for prostate
disorders in Europe. Most of the claims about pumpkin seed oil
Non Prescription Drugs (continued)

I have read about are anecdotal. I take it because as a diabetic
I am on a low/no fat diet and some essential fatty acid (EFA)
foods are needed by the prostate for maintenance. Other EFA
sources are olive oil, fish oil, and evening primrose oil.
Remember! One out of eleven men will develop prostate cancer.
Take care of you prostate and it will take care of you!

-Water. Drink eight to ten eight ounce glasses of water each
day. Again, Just Do It! I do it because I have already had two
kidney stones removed (no fun at all!).

-Vitamin and Mineral supplements: Vitamin C, E, and zinc are
needed by the prostate for proper maintenance and for the
formation of seminal fluid. Also, I take B vitamins and

-Homeopathic Remedies. There is not enough room in this paper to
fully describe homeopathic remedies. Buy a book or go to the
library if you don't know what these are. There are several
remedies for male sexual problems (including impotence) described
in homeopathic literature. I am taking these remedies with
positive results.

-Herbal Remedies. One herbal remedy I use is yohimbe bark (the
unrefined bark of the yohimbe tree). There are pharmacologically
pure preparations of yohimbe but they can cause a lot of side
effects (you should not take refined yohimbe hydrochloride if you
are taking antidepressants). You can buy the bark preparation
from companies that sell health supplements.

What it does: The bottom line is that yohimbe reportedly
increases the flow of blood to the penis, and decreases the
outflow from an erect penis. Also, retromission (the time after
orgasm to gain another full erection) is reduced. The literature
I have read states that yohimbe may act as an aphrodisiac.
Enough said!

The only other herbal I use is panax ginseng (specifically
Manchurian Ginsing). This herbal can give you a real power boost
if you take it prior to a workout. I have read that too much
ginseng can cause headaches and skin problems. The primary
effect of ginseng, as an adaptogen, is on the adrenal gland. You
can buy this preparation from companies that sell health

-Raw testicular concentrate. Again, the claims about glandular
therapy I have read are anecdotal rather than clinical.
Evidently, the raw glandular tissue formulation has an affinity
for similar living tissue. One of the components of the raw
testicular concentrate, testosterone, acts to boost the level of
serum testosterone. How much you need to take will vary. Based
on the literature I have read, the half-life of testosterone is
short (somewhere between 10 and 100 minutes). It is rapidly
metabolized and 90% of an oral dose doesn't even make it through
the digestive system. You can buy this preparation from
companies that sell health supplements.

Final Note

These things work for me. You may want to consider some or all
of the above if an active sex life, and physical strength and
endurance, are important to you as a male. If you are a male
diabetic you are probably already familiar with the problem of
impotence: Anything that helps to diminish impotence is

-- Submitted by John

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