Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rekindle Your Sexual Life With Cialis

Does love happen when the moment is right or you desperately wait in vain to consummate passion play when a real moment turns into the right moment? If the second condition holds true for you, you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction. It is a condition when a man cannot get, or keep, a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity. There are many underlying physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. The most common physical causes are reduced blood flow to the penis and nerve damage. Other causes associated with erectile dysfunction include vascular disease, diabetes, drugs, hormone disorders, surgery, radiation therapy, and psychological conditions.

Before finding a treatment for erectile dysfunction, you need to understand the specific steps that take place to produce and sustain an erection. The first step is sexual arousal, which men obtain from the senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell, and from thoughts. The brain communicates the sexual excitation to the body's nervous system, which activates increased blood flow to the penis. A relaxing action occurs in the blood vessels that supply the penis, allowing more blood to flow into the shafts that produce the erection. If something affects any of these factors or the delicate balance among them, erectile dysfunction can result.

Damage to the nerves that control erections can cause erectile dysfunction. It may result from an injury to the pelvic area or spinal cord. Surgery to treat bladder, rectal or prostate cancer also can result in erectile dysfunction. Prolonged bicycle riding also can cause a temporary problem. A wide range of drugs — including antidepressants, antihistamines and medications to treat high blood pressure, pain and prostate cancer - can cause erectile dysfunction by interfering with nerve impulses or blood flow to the penis. Tranquilizers and sleeping aids also may pose a problem.

Chronic use of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs often causes erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual drive. Excessive tobacco use can also damage penile arteries. Psychological conditions, such as depression, guilt, worry, stress, and anxiety all contribute to loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. If a man experiences loss of erection, he may worry that it will happen again. This can produce anxiety associated with performance and may lead to chronic problems during sex. If the cycle is inescapable, it can result in impotence.

In today’s world it is possible to treat erectile dysfunction with the wonder pill, Cialis. It is the only erectile dysfunction pill that can work as soon as after 16 minutes and remains effective for up to 36 hours. You can buy Cialis from reliable suppliers who offer cheap Cialis along with free Cialis prescriptions. In addition, you can shop for Cialis at various online pharmacies.

Overshadow Impotence with Cialis

So lovers who profess they spirits taste,
Feed yet on grosser meat;
I know they boast thy souls to souls convey,
However they meet, body is the way.
-- No Platonic Love

These lines by William Cartwright emphasize the importance of physical union in love. To Cartwright love is incomplete without bodily union. Everyone desires of an awesome, rocking love as well as sexual life but, how many of them really achieve it? probably just a handful of them. There occur many hindrances in this wish fulfillment. In some cases lack of a willing partner ends the entire fun or excitement. Whereas, in others in others the sex drive is present but the physical health of one of the partners doesn’t allow a satisfying endeavor.

The reasons for this physical weakness can further be so many and the most commonly occurring problem is E.D in case of males. Erectile dysfunction or E.D, is more commonly known as impotence. A man is impotent if he cannot achieve or sustain an erect penis for sexual activity. In E.D a similar thing happens but not because of impotence but mainly because of physical health.

There have been a lot of factors that have been involved in being a barrier to the Sex-Life; like age, hormonal imbalances, society, money and many other things. The causes of it may be many for e.g. psychological, hormonal, arterial or muscular. The diseases associated with it are Diabetes Mellitus, Major Depression, certain thrombotic disorders, etc.

Men have been in search of some miraculous thing which would help them just not sustain erection for sufficient time but also helping him regain his vigor and vitality. Yoga, Medicinal herbs and meditation have helped him in one way or the other but there has always been a search for that extra punch to help men in his erectile dysfunction in nearly all cases with having minimum of the side effects. This search for the punch ended with CIALIS.

Cialis acts by inhibiting an enzyme called phosphodiesterase which releases Nitric Oxide from nerve endings and endothelium causing relaxation of smooth muscle and hence penile erection.

Life is once and if you missed such a vital pleasure of your life due to a minor disorder it's really a matter of shame. What are you thinking, go for Cheap Cialis and make the special moments even more special.