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Experience With Injectable Caverject

"Dec 19th

Hi to all,

Well I know that all are wondering what happened at my appointment
at 4 p.m. Monday (Yesterday)

I arrived and checked in at the window, and they checked and had
received the questionnaires that I had mailed back. They made a
photo-copy of my BC/BS card for my file. I then had a seat and
waited to be "called shortly" ... I waited and waited and waited.
I finally was called at 5 p.m. because they had really gotten
behind. They did have a nice 400 gallon aquarium with six fish
and a starfish inside. There was the big yellow one the big gray
one, the stripped black and white one, the spotted one, the blue
one and the little one... I KNOW.

When I went back I was asked about my drug allergies by the gal,
and then she left. The doctor soon came in and I told him about
my impotence and my diabetes. I mentioned the forum and that I had
recently received such positive messages about Papaverine that I
wanted to try it. I also told the doctor that I had heard of Caverject
too, but I thought it was a little more expensive. The doctor
was good, and explained that Caverject is "made" for this problem of
impotence and that Papaverine is not really for this, though it does
work. He went on to explain that Papaverine is not really FDA approved
for this use. He mentioned also that Papaverine is difficult to get
here for impotence but that Caverject goes through the pharmacy programs
and insurance coverage programs much more easily and there is a whole
lot less hassle with getting it at your drug store and a lot less hassle
with your health insurance company. My Doctor went on to tell me about
caverject and how you use it. Told me the benefits and also about
priapism (prolonged erection > 6 hrs) which sometimes can occur.
He then asked me if I wanted to try this medicine and we do a test injection
today. I answered sure !!!! Well at 5:35 p.m. I had received the info
about where the shot goes and so I held it out while the male nurse gave me
my first shot near the back end about 3 o'clock on the side. I thought
it would hurt, but it only hurts slightly as it goes through the skin.
After the needle is through the skin it really does not hurt any deeper,
though they put the needle in all the way. The nurse then put in one
C C in. The doctor and nurse came back in ten minutes at 5:45 and I was
some larger. I was then shown how the Caverject kit goes back together
with the supplies used up and the lid is put on the kit and it is
"locked" by putting a special piece of plastic key that locks this up
from any further use and you can throw this one away. I was then told
to come back on Thursday and **I** do my shot of Caverject in front of
them, and then they will get me a prescription and I will be on my
way. I stopped and got the appointment set up for Thursday, and left.

On the way home I picked up some divider sheets at a store for [wife].
I "felt" much larger than I have ever been since 1987 so I walked up to the
counter to pay,,, sorta covering up the action in my pants with the divider
sheets so no one will notice. (I can hear you all laughing already !!!)

Anyway I get home and it is just me and my wife. We go to a bedroom
together and by this time the medicine had **really** worked. It was about
35 minutes after the shot by now... She was a sweetheart.

I have a couple of questions for the Thursday appointment, BUT this
Caverject is going to work fine for me !!!! So this is what happened

[ I will answer here the question you are all going to ask. Yes
we found one way (position) that we could have vaginal sex
in spite of impotence, and used this way almost every week. ]

Dec 22st
Subj : Thursday appointment
F m : [Somebody]
T o : All in 22

Hi to All,

Well I thought I would let everyone here know how the Thursday
appointment went. My appointment was at 4:00 p.m. and they
were behind again.. I watched the fish until 4:45 p.m. before
going back to a room. I found out that a starfish that I thought
was a decoration on the back of the aquarium was ALIVE. So add
one more starfish to the list...

I got back to a room and waited for quite a while. Finally the
doctor and a student doctor came back and we talked. They asked
what happened after I left the clinic. All of that info is listed
in my Monday Appointment message here. I then asked if Caverject
can be stored in a drawer or if it has to be in a refrigerator.
It can be stored in a drawer. I then asked about the strength
of the dose. There are two kinds. One has 10 Micrograms and
one has 20 micrograms. This is actually a dry powder that is
inside a bottle very similar to an insulin bottle. There is
a syringe in this kit that is prefilled with a liquid solution.
You give the bottle a shot and inject the solution in
the syringe on the dry powder in the bottle. You then mix this
up until all powder is dissolved. You can roll this like an insulin
bottle or shake it. Anyway after all is dissolved then you draw *all*
the solution out of the bottle back into the syringe. Now your
shot is ready. You then inject on the three o'clock side or
the nine o'clock side of your penis near the back, putting the
needle all the way in. You try to draw a little blood into the
syringe and as soon as you do, then go ahead and inject all the
contents of the syringe into the penis. Then you remove (pull out)
the needle and cover for a few moments with and alcohol pad.
I am truly surprised but this doesn't hurt. Really ...

You should keep track and inject on the opposite side of the
previous shot. I then replaced all the stuff back into the
Caverject plastic case where everything snaps into its storage
area. Then I replaced the 2 inch by 6 inch lid on the bottom part
and locked it on with a special plastic button key. Now a person
can simply throw this away this way, because you cant get inside
it anymore.

Anyway I did my own shot with the male nurse watching. The
Doctors came back and checked to see that action was taking
place and things were growing. It was. I asked a few questions
about what would happen at the pharmacy. It is such a new drug
to [city] that they are still gathering this information...
I then left to go home. I had supper first and then went to
the pharmacy. [Wife wasn't home.]

I had good news and bad news there.... The
good news is that my pharmacy was open and had SIX in stock.
Bad news is that the computer contacted my health
insurance computer and said CLAIM DENIED ! So I
will have to file a claim with receipts later today. If my insurance
doesn't help pay for these, they will be $20.50 a shot. SO
I better be very romantic when we use these.... I will.
(BTW, my health insurance did honor the claims and paid their
80 % of the total costs.)

On May 20th I was to have my 6 month check-up appointment, however
my doctor was going to be out of town during this week so his
office called me and my appointment was rescheduled for May 9th.

When I arrived for my 6 month check, I waited for quite a while
in the waiting room. The fish inventory is now 2 starfish, 1
black and white spotted fish, 1 black and white stripped fish,
one brownish grey fish, 1 large yellow fish, and one medium
orange fish....

I met with the doctor and he looked over my medical folder, and
asked if I was having any problems with the Caverject kits and
I replied that I was doing fine since we had increased the
strength to the 20 microgram kits. I told him that my time was
a little over an hour with most of them and that my best shot
had lasted 2 hours. My doctor then noticed something in my
records and we proceeded to talk about the financial cost of the
Caverject kits. He told me about a pharmacy on the west coast
and that I could try a liquid medicine called Prostaglandin
or PGE-1 that would be less expensive. I would need a 1 CC
syringe, but that was no problem for me, due to the fact that
I have a prescription for syringes anyway for insulin. He then
told me that this medicine would be cheaper and gave me a
prescription for it and their phone number. Well when I got home
I called them, and I think I must have confused the operator
because she quoted me a price higher than Caverject. I was
frustrated. My wife then called, and asked to speak to the
pharmacist. The pharmacist explained things to us much more
clearly than the operator had, and so we mailed for this prescription.
I received the medicine in just a few days, by overnight delivery
and last weekend we tried the Prostaglandin medicine instead of
the Caverject kit. The medicine worked just fine, in fact better
because it lasted two complete hours. I don't want to advertise
for this pharmacy and advertising is not allowed, but if you need
the address to give to your urologist, you can send an e-mail to
me and ask for it. I check in almost everyday.

Hi to all (Dec 11)
Monday afternoon December 9th I had an appointment with my urology
doctor again. I checked in at the window to let them know that I
was there and then sat down in the waiting room to be called...
The aquarium now has a new scene in back, and different rocks
inside... Fish inventory is now one black and white stripped fish,
one brown spotted fish, one gray fish, one orange fish, and
two starfish... The new rocks have a slight covering of moss
and the water looks cleaner ...
Soon my name was called and I was lead to an examining room. I waited
for about 15 minutes, and then my doctor along with a new doctor
came in. This new doctor was going into family practice, but I think
they have to shadow the regular urology doctors for part of their
training.. My urology doctor then began to ask several questions
inquiring as to how the medicine was working (fine) and how much of
the Prostaglandin I was using. He also asked how long the medicine
was lasting. I told him that I had had two shots that had lasted
4 hours and 5 hours so I had been using less medicine and everything
was fine and that 70 to 80 units was giving me 2 hours of "Fun time"..
For the new doctor's benefit, we switched the conversation to a discussion
about costs of Prostaglandin compared to the cost of Caverject kits.
I have used both in the past year and my our family health insurance
policy covered all both of them so I was able to tell the doctor
of what it was actually costing us out of the household budget.
After talking of this, my urology doctor asked if I needed a new
prescription. I had to tell him that I honestly did not know... He
gave me a new prescription in case I would need it for next year.
I then was checked for scar tissue that might be forming or building
up from shots.. No problem with this at all, I do give myself very
gentle insulin shots, so I am good at being gentle with Prostaglandin
(PGE1) shots too. Again too, I shout from the roof tops here just as
I do in section 22, you won't ever believe it, but truly these shots
DO NOT HURT as much as very firm handshake. At this
point my doctor also said that I could come back in a year. He gave
me a card to take to the window and they arranged an appointment in
December. I then came home. I called the mail order pharmacy
on their 800 number in San Diego California and asked if I should
send in this new prescription. They told me that when I needed to
have my prescription renewed that they simply had the pharmacist there
call my doctor long distance and get a renewal. Very easy.
Again, if you have any questions, you can write to me by email or
send me a (P)rivate message in any section of the forum or ask
me in public messages in section 22 (The Male Room) ... "

-- submitted by Craig 71064,73

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